New car seat law to take effect January 1st

Car seats must be rear facing for children under 2

New car seat law to take effect...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - So many types of seats and now one law they must all fall under to protect young children.

"Children up to two years old now have to be rear facing up till their second birthday or if they're 40 pounds or 40 inches tall," explains California Highway Patrol Officer J.W. Townsen.

The picture above shows what a top of the line convertible car seat looks like when it's properly installed; it can go from rear facing to front facing as the child grows.

Ariana Spaulding, owner of EcoBambino in San Luis Obispo has been trained to show new parents how to install various types of car seats.

"You're picturing your car seat kind of like a cocoon, so you want them to be completely cocooned and enveloped in case of an accident. I like these [pads that are] kinda impact protection so in case of an accident and hitting from side to side, it's gonna be much more protective," Spaulding tells us.

The California Highway Patrol can teach parents how to install car seats like the newly required rear facing ones as well, something new mom Jamie Roberts has taken advantage of.

"I was actually in a car accident.. I hit a deer and I felt really good that they were safe in their car seats," Roberts says.

But mom Vailia From isn't quite sold on the rear facing idea and while she complies with the new law for her 18 month old, she plans on doing more research to see if it's actually safer.

"As a mom I obviously want us to do the safest thing for the child but my kid hates being in a car seat and I hate the fact that I have to keep her turned along any longer than I have to so it's a struggle to keep her turned around," From says.

The San Luis Obispo office of the CHP offers car seat help for parents once a week. Officer Townsen says they would rather educate parents rather than have to pull them over to check the seats.

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