New area code is just a 'sign of the times' for 805 residents

The 802 will be added in the summer of 2018

The new area code for the Central Coast in June of 2018 already has many people talking about the change

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Local residents hearing about the new 820 area code say, "it's just a sign of the times."

Getting used to it might take some adjustments.  "it's going to be very screwy." said longtime resident Robert Larkin.   "We are slow learners here and like the way it is."

Anyone with an 805 area code now will keep it.

Anyone getting a new number in June of 2018 and beyond with get it with the area code 802.

Calmly Diane Cross said, "I am used to dialing a lot of numbers. It won't be a problem."

The City of Carpinteria once only had the 684 prefix and that was entrenched in the area.  It was sometimes called "684 land."  When that changed, and new numbers came in, it was a significant adjustment for some of the residents.    But times have changed.  The 805 is running out of numbers and a new batch of numbers starting with  820.

So far there's been no real embracing of the new area code, unlike the current one.

The 805 has its own beer and often you see hats and t-shirts supporting the region.

Instead of 820 one resident Janey Cohen jokes about possibly using the number with the pot reference saying, "someone would probably like 420!"    Ironically she may be on to something.  Carpinteria has many new acres of marijuana growing in green houses since last year.

The 805 area code has been associated with Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties for decades, along with small sections of Kern and Monterey counties.

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