Fog Delays Cruise Ships Wednesday Morning

Passengers shuttled ashore by harbor patrol in Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - 51 cruise ship stops in two years in Santa Barbara equals a big economic boost.

But every now and then, fog can put a damper on the passenger's spirits.

Wednesday morning,  the harbor patrol had to shuttle passengers ashore off cruise ships due to the thick fog sitting out over the coast.

Some passengers say they were annoyed with a setback in their plans, while others didn't mind the temporary delay.

"Maybe a half hour," said visitor Bob Peterson.  "Makes a little more excitement in the day.  We're still going to get the day in and enjoy beautiful Santa Barbara."

Overall, excursion managers say when they have to deal with fog it can hurt the economic factor as well as customer satisfaction.

"If the tourists don't go out in time, it can either lead to cancellations or passenger disappointment," said shore excursion manager AJ Singh.  "Their visiting Santa Barbara will be spoiled.  If you're looking at big picture, it affects everything."

Regardless of Wednesday morning, Visit Santa Barbara's new survey shows 40% of the visitors say they will come back on their own within 2 years to visits art galleries, wine country and other sites.

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