NASA Pluto, Jupiter missions focus at Cal Poly

New Horizons, Juno missions draw sellout crowd

NASA Pluto, Jupiter missions focus at...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - NASA brought the furthest reaches of the solar system to a jam-packed crowd at Cal Poly Wednesday night.

The goal of the sold-out presentation was to generate curiosity and interest among Cal Poly students and the public in NASA's ongoing missions and in space exploration.

Fran Bagenal gave the presentation at the sold-out Spanos Theater on the Cal Poly campus.

Bagenal was a team leader on NASA"s "New Horizon's" mission to Pluto and the "Juno" Mission to Jupiter.

"I mean there was a lot of stuff about Pluto and a lot of stuff about Jupiter that I didn't know about", said student Nicholas Magness.

"This was an opportunity for me to learn about what they are exploring, what's really out there, the different things involved", said student Connor Morrison, "I thought it was a really great presentation."

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo already has ties to NASA with its CubeSat program, with Bill Nye "the Science Guy" and with the Planetary Society's LightSail Project.

"These are exciting things happening now", said program coordinator David Mitchell, "these missions are both current and this is a place where many of our students are interested in either learning about or maybe even going into the field in their future."

Students we spoke with are intrigued by space exploration.

"Space would honestly be a big dream to explore, if it was more common to go to space", said student Aileen Saucedo, "if we could just jump on a plane and go, I would definitely go."

NASA representatives tour college campuses every year looking to generate interest in its missions and space exploration.

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