MORRO BAY, Calif. -

There have been several mountain lion sightings this month in one Morro Bay neighborhood and Morro Bay officials are now issuing a warning to be careful.

A resident on the 2300 block of Nutmeg Ave. described the mountain lion to be a good size cougar with a long tail wandering the cattle ranch behind the homes.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife believe the drought has dried up water sources, and neighbors think the mountain lion is here to drink the cow's water.

All cows are said to be safe so far, but neighbors here worry about their small pets.
They're keeping them in more often, using their leashes and watching them when they do go out.

Some advice from Morro Bay Police is make yourself appear as large as possible when you see a mountain lion, even if its using a jacket. Make noise and slowly back away.

2300 Nutmeg Ave, Morro Bay, CA 93442