A new and improved flu vaccine is being touted by doctors and scientists.

It is supposed to protect people from four strains of flu rather than the usual three.

About 30 million doses are being made.

There is also something more powerful for people 65 and older. Its a super dose that is supposed to be four times stronger.

People who usually get the flu said they like the idea of it covering more strains, but those who usually skip the annual vaccine said it still won't persuade them.

Manufactures are making about 30 million doses of the  four-strain shots and nasal doses.

Another 140 million will cover three strains.

There is also a new superdose for people 65 and older. Scientist say it is four-times as strong as the doses given out last year.

Drug stores offer vaccines for around $30.  They are also offered at doctor's offices and public health departments.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a website to answer  questions about flu season and the vaccine at