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Teen retailer Aeropostale files for bankruptcy

The clock has run out on embattled teen retailer Aeropostale, which filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday after losing money for 13 consecutive quarters.

The company said it would be closing 113 stores in the United States, in addition to its 41 stories ...

Cyber theft ADP


Cyber thieves siphon tax forms from ADP payroll

Cyber thieves have succeeded in stealing sensitive tax and salary information on employees at a dozen companies that use the payroll giant ADP.

On Tuesday, ADP explained how fraudsters managed to siphon W-2 tax forms using a convenient online feature.

Skilled Worker

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

4 U.S. governors on jobs: Not enough workers

America's governors -- one a former presidential candidate -- share at least one major concern: lack of skilled workers to do the job.

East Coast Blizzard 014

Louisville Zoo via CNN

Bad weather brewing: Markets brace for La Niña

First the good news: The worst El Niño in two decades is fading after causing billions in losses.

The bad news is that it's likely to be replaced by La Niña, a related weather pattern that can last much longer and do much more damage.

The U.S. Nationa...

Tracy Lehr photo

Union Bank Fixes ATM And Online Problems

Union Bank customers found out they couldn't access their money or accounts via ATMs or online overnight and for much of the day, Tuesday.

Tilda Swinton Dr

#WhitewashedOut objects to Asians portrayed by whites

Asians took to Twitter Tuesday to decry what they said was Hollywood's practice of replacing Asian characters with white actors.

About 60,000 tweets answered the launch of the hashtage #WhitewashedOUT, started by comedian and actress Margaret Cho, wri...



Detroit school 'sickouts': Explain it to me

Teachers protesting instead of teaching. Parents scrambling to arrange care for their kids. Lawmakers arguing over how to fix a mess quickly that's been decades in the making.

The mess in Detroit Public Schools has grabbed national headlines, even as ...

House for sale

Zillow CEO: When you should buy vs. rent

Buy or rent. It's an age-old dilemma.

Stock market traders

Emmanuel Tambakakis/CNN

Are sensitive U.S. economic reports being leaked?

Traders that make big, profitable bets right before the release of market-moving economic data are either really smart ... or cheating the system.



Venezuelans: 'We need food and medicine'

It should have been a day to celebrate.


Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Twitter shares hit lowest level ever

Twitter just can't win on Wall Street.

Airplane flying through sky

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Airlines posted record profits last year

Low oil prices have been really good for airlines' bottom lines.

Personal Finance

Goldman Sachs

You can now open a Goldman Sachs account with $1

One of Wall Street's biggest banks is now open to Main Street.

piggy bank, cash money dollars

Americans give the economy a "C" grade

Ask someone on Wall Street how the U.S. economy is doing and the response is likely…

Bernie Sanders, April 5, 2016

Tax returns: Bernie, Jane Sanders earned nearly $206K in 2014

Bernie and Jane Sanders earned nearly $206,000 in 2014 and paid about $28,000 in…

Money jars

The 1st question to ask your financial adviser

Brace yourself. Going to a financial adviser can be like talking to a used car…

Couple pays off $100,000 in debt

Extreme savers pay off $100K in debt in 4 years

A Tennessee couple pays off $100,000 in debt in just four years.

will, legal papers, generic, estate planning

What does estate planning cost?

If you haven't started estate planning yet, it's not too late, and it doesn't have…

Money Interactives

How much do winter sports cost?

Skiing ski resort slopes

Snow and sub-freezing temperatures are no reason to hibernate. Adopt a new winter…

The history of gas prices

Gas pump

As gas prices continue to drop, take a look back at what we have paid for a gallon…

Gas savings tips: Fact or fiction

Pumping gas

Summer means road trips, and it seems everyone has a tip on how to save fuel. But…

Taxes 101: tips and resources

tax forms with pen, calculator, taxes

April 15 is approaching. You may know how to fill out a basic tax return (or hand…

Employment News

Office chairs

Employee is suing his boss because his job was too boring

Bored at work? Try suing your employer.

Paycheck, check, payroll

Underpaid, overworked may soon get some relief

Millions of people who work long hours today will soon get more money ... or more…


Which hotel chain has the most diverse staff?

Britta Leick-Milde was in the cafeteria when she had a revelation.

National Recalls

Cup of tea

Republic of Tea turmeric ginger tea recalled

Tea drinkers, take note: If you've got organic turmeric ginger green tea from the…

Foster Farms chicken nuggets

Foster Farms recalling chicken nuggets

Foster Farms is recalling more than 220,000 pounds of its cooked frozen chicken…

Pilgrim's Pride recall

4.5 million pounds of chicken recalled

Pilgrim's Pride is recalling over 4.5 million pounds of fully cooked chicken…

Stock Market

Stock market traders

Are sensitive U.S. economic reports being leaked?

Traders that make big, profitable bets right before the release of market-moving…


Twitter shares hit lowest level ever

Twitter just can't win on Wall Street.


What's wrong with Apple?

Apple has been one bruised and wormy stock lately.

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Union Bank back in business after update interuption

Union Bank back in business after update interuption

customers react to atm and online issues

How elevators changed us

How levitation changed the way we do business

Before Otis, being stuck in an elevator could be a much scarier and…

Direct Relief packs up supplies for Ecuador

Direct Relief packs up supplies for Ecuador

About $2 million dollars worth of medical supplies headed to Ecuador

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