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"Word of Mouth" Taqueria Expands to Goleta from Santa Barbara

Lilly's Tacos started as a small Santa Barbara restaurant

"Word of Mouth" Taqueria Expands to Goleta from Santa Barbar

GOLETA, Calif. - A small "hole in the wall" Santa Barbara business known for its authentic tacos, has expanded to Goleta.

Lilly's Taqueria is now open off Storke Rd. near Kmart.

Cesar Guido says his family decided to keep the menu simple, and the ingredients fresh.

Today it opened with a line out the door.

"I think it is the touch," said Guido. "We never reuse anything is cooked on a daily basis.  I want to bring you back to your childhood memories, or feel like a vacation in Mexico. "

Lilly's only serves tacos, and customers don't have to look over many panels of choices like other restaurants.   And it appears to work.

In nine years in downtown Santa Barbara business has grown tremendously, mainly from a word of mouth message.

"If you see a big line don't be discouraged.  It moves fast. I will take care of you personally," said Guido.


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