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Walmart Hires More Than 250 Employees For New Ventura County Stores

Two new Walmarts set to open

VENTURA, Calif. -

Two new Walmarts will have their grand opening this Wednesday in Ventura County. 

The new Walmarts are on Ventura Boulevard in Camarillo and Victoria Avenue in Ventura.

The location the Ventura store is filling was a Kmart in 2008.  Since the Kmart closed the space has been empty. 

On Sunday, a group of Ventura residents protested the opening of the store.  The protestors said Walmart's wages are too low and don't provide employees with enough income or benefits to survive.

The more than 200 employees hired at the Walmart in Ventura disagree with the protestors.  NewsChannel 3 spoke with several Walmart employees who all said they were just so grateful to have a job.

"I am extremely grateful.  I would still be unemployed if Walmart hadn't given me a chance. When everyone else told me 'no,' they saw me and said, 'We're going to give you a chance.  We want to see you thrive,' and that's what they did and I'm thriving and I'm happy here," said Walmart employee Amanda Soto.

After more than a month of getting the store prepped for customers, the employees at Walmart are excited for the store's grand opening.

"It's looking like a real store. Now all we need is the customers to come," said Soto.

The official grand opening for both the Camarillo and Ventura stores is Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.  At the grand opening there will be a ribbon-cutting, as well as special deals.  Walmart will also be awarding $16,000 in grants at the grand opening ceremonies to the Boys & Girls Club of Ventura, Special Olympics of Ventura, Toys for Tots and Turning Point Foundation.

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