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Walmart approved for liquor license

Walmart approved for liquor license

SANTA MARIA, Calif - The Santa Maria City Council approved a Walmart Neighborhood Market with a liquor license. It's the newest store in Santa Maria on Blosser Road.    

According to reports, the license was granted but it has restrictions. Walmart will have specific hours it can sell liquor. Distilled spirits will have to be locked up in a display case that can only be opened by a employee during regulated hours. Beer, malt beverages and wine cooler that are in containers of 16 ounces or less will not be sold individually; they will be sold in a pack.

Early reports had indicated that some residents didn't like the idea of having another store selling liquor in the area. Other residents said that they either didn't mind another store selling liquor as long as they followed the proper guidelines. 

News Channel 3 did contact Walmart but was unable to release a statement. Walmart does say it intends on following all policies and producers, according to reports.

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