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Victorian Vogue costume shop closing after 30 years in Santa Barbara

Inventory includes 10,000 costumes and accessories

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Just one day after Halloween 2017, the owner of Santa Barbara's go-to costume shop confirmed the rumor going around that her shop is closing its doors.

"It's been 30 years so it's been a long run," said Sonia Hayward, owner of Victorian Vogue.

It's true. Hayward and her three employees will soon hang up their last costumes for good.

"It's been wonderful to be a resource for things that aren't packaged costumes," Hayward said. "And we've loved the fact that we've had the children of the children that we used to help, come in."

The shop, located at 4289 State Street, is home to an estimated 10,000 pieces including costumes, accessories, hats, wigs and much more.

"Lots of vintage from the 1870s to the 1980s," Hayward said. 

The most popular? 

"It's between the Gatsby look and the 70s look, and more and more, the 80s prom look," Hayward said. "Though I will say, the 90s parties have started popping up! Something to do research on because who can remember what the 90s style is?"

Hayward said that the closure of another longtime business hit her business especially hard.

"When Brooks Photography Institute closed, that made a big difference because they were probably half of our income the rest of the year when it wasn't Halloween. And then, of course, I can't compete with Amazon."

Hayward revealed that someone had expressed interest in buying the shop. 

In the meantime, Hayward is planning to close up shop by the end of the year and enjoy time with her "glam children," as she calls them.

"Feel very good and blessed that we were able to serve the community," she said.

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