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Ventura County settles $1.9 million lawsuit with Bank of America

Four other California counties joined lawsuit

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - Ventura County, along with four other counties throughout California, has settled a $1.9 million dollar lawsuit against Bank of America alleging violations of California's privacy laws.

The complaint was initially filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and accused the bank of failing to timely and adequately disclose its automatic recording of phone calls with the public.

The law requires the party or parties to be informed whether a call is being recorded at the beginning of the conversation so that they can object or end the call if they don't want to be recorded.

District Attorneys for Los Angeles, Riverside, Alameda and San Diego counties joined the lawsuit.

"Once notified of the alleged deficiencies in the recording disclosures, Bank of America worked cooperatively to implement changes in the bank's policies nationwide," noted the Ventura County District Attorney's Office in a statement.

Under the settlement, Bank of America will pay civil penalties totaling $1.6 million and will reimburse the prosecutors' investigative costs of $240,000. Additionally, Bank of America will contribute $100,000 to the Consumer Protection Prosecution Trust Fund, which is dedicated to advancing consumer protection and privacy rights.

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