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Tying the knot in Santa Barbara's historic Courthouse will dent your pocketbook

County Supervisors increase day use fees

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Weddings at Santa Barbara's historic courthouse will cost you more, starting next month.

Santa Barbara County Supervisors approved a hike in day use fees for parks and various facilities.

Payment will double to $400 dollars for couples wanting to marry inside the courthouse's iconic Mural Room. Tying the knot in the courthouse gardens will jump from $750 dollars to $900 dollars.

NewsChannel 3 caught up with one couple who purchased their wedding license, but say they're getting married June 24 at the Stowhouse in Goleta.

"We're fortunately going to be able to find a place that's more cost effective out of the city of Santa Barbara," said Trevor Scoggins. "For people want to get married in Santa Barbara at a beautiful place, hopefully they'll be willing to pay that."

"I do think they could be taking advantage of it a little bit because it is such a popular destination wedding spot," said his fiance, Marisa. "Hopefully, people can afford it. Doubling the fee, it's a lot."

The increased fee rate goes into effect July 1. The last time County Supervisors updated special event and park fees was in 2015.

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