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The 'Doughsant,' Santa Barbara's answer to the 'Cronut'

A Spudnuts doughnut shop in Santa Barbara is turning heads with the Doughsant.

The 'Doughsant,' Santa Barbara's answer to the 'Cronut'

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Word has slowly been spreading about a fluffy, tasty pastry that's the creation of a Santa Barbara Spudnuts.

New York has the Cronut, now Santa Barbara has the Doughsant.

It's a crossover between a donut and croissant. Joy Nhek is the one responsible for bringing the Doughsant to her customers.

"I've only had this for a couple weeks and we're doing a few dozen a day now," Nhek said. "But more people are coming to buy them by the bulk, which is good for us."

Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth has helped the Doughsant grow in popularity. The price tag: Just over $3.00.

If you're interested in trying it out, visit the Spudnuts located at 3629 State Street in Santa Barbara.

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