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Smoke and fire damage The Brewhouse in Santa Barbara

Bar owner plans to reopen as soon as possible

The Brewhouse in Santa Barbara damaged by smoke and fire

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Customers at The Brewhouse on Montecito Street in Santa Barbara noticed a closed sign and caution tape outside the bar on Wednesday, but the owner still welcomed them inside to take a look at the damage from an early morning fire.

Pete Johnson said his bar is a bit like Cheers, he knows all of his regular customers by name.

He said he woke up to a call about the fire and rushed over.

He believes a glue gun that was turned off, but still plugged into the wall, may have caused the fire. It is used to seal large beer containers that customers can buy for $15 to bring home.

Damage behind the bar includes a melted shelf and a large screen TV looks like it had melted.

Bottles and the ceiling are blackened by smoke. Ash-covered ribbons, won for beer, still lined the wall. Firefighters said the brewery and the kitchen were not damaged.

Johnson hopes to open the beer in a couple of weeks, but he admits it may take longer. He hopes the repairs will make The Brewhouse better than ever.

The Brewhouse staff has set up a GoFundMe account to help with some of the costs associated with the restaurant being closed while repairs get underway. Visit the GoFundMe page at

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