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SLO Brew expects little impact from new aluminum import tariff

Craft beer company ships only aluminum cans

SLO Brew expects little impact from aluminum import tariff

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Those who rely on aluminum for business on the Central Coast don't expect the new tariff on aluminum imports to have a major impact on operation costs or consumer prices.

SLO Brew is a fast-growing, craft beer company based in San Luis Obispo, the company relies exclusively on aluminum cans to ship their beer across the state, the country and overseas as far away as Australia.

"The debate's getting overwhelmed now by a push toward aluminum cans versus bottles", says SLO Brew Marketing Director Brian Kerr, "cans are better for the beer, most importantly, they don't let in any oxygen or any light."

Under the new tariff, levies on imports of steel will rise by 25 percent and by 10 percent for aluminum.

Kerr says the new tariff on steel and aluminum imports announced by the Trump Administration is not expected to have much impact on SLO Brew's business, expansion plans or customers.

"I don't think this is going to be a significant impact on our business both on our side or for the consumers", Kerr said, "two out of every three cans are being recycled, a lot of the aluminum stays domestic, at the very most it's going to lead to a fraction of a penny into our packaging costs."

Consumers we spoke with say the new tariff will do more harm than good for consumers, jobs and the American economy.

"It concerns me a little bit because it will affect so many industries", said local consumer Lacey McNamara, "I think it was kind of a rash decision that was just made spur of the moment, but it affects so many people in so many different areas."

Most of the aluminum imported into the U.S. comes from Canada which is exempt from the new tariff, at least for now.

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