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Santa Maria Business Expo Hosts Over 100 Vendors

Largest expo of its kind between L.A. and the Bay Area

Santa Maria, Calif. - From veteran businesses to the new kids on the block, the business expo showcased the many companies, restaurants and groups in the Santa Maria Valley.

"It's just a wide variety you can reach out at the Expo but also [many] business to business network opportunities [due to] having so many local businesses in one venue and being able to network with those business," says Molly Schiff, Communications Specialist for the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. 

In addition to highlighting local businesses, the expo created an opportunity to get the word out about local non-profits. "We love coming out to the business expo, it's a great opportunity for us to share our mission which is to serve children in foster care and provide every child with a CASA volunteer," Crystal Moreno, Recruitment and Outreach Director of CASA tells us.

With more than 100 vendors represented, many people at the expo hope this reflects the surge of growth in Santa Maria.

"I think you can feel it just with the energy in this room.. that there's a lot of new business coming to town, a lot of success being seen and it's an exciting time to be in Santa Maria," explains Sam Carey, Brand Manager of the Towbes Group.