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Safe Sober Ride Bus Owners Worry about Getting Parking Tickets

They want red zones redesignated

ISLA VISA, Calif. - Safe Sober Ride bus service from Isla Vista to downtown Santa Barbara began with Bill's Bus more than two decades ago.

Now Bill's Bus has plenty of competition.

At least four other companies offer rides to people old enough to drink alcohol.

But the buses don't have designated curbs to pick up passengers, so they board in red zones.

The owners of Jump on The Bus said they were told they would get tickets next time.

Sierra and Darin Falso said their buses and others started being ticketed Thursday night.

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol could not be reached for comment.

Bus drivers hope to find a solution before they get more tickets.

They believe their service saves lives by keeping drunk drivers off the road.

They brought signs to peacefully protect the ticketing.

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