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Proposal to Upgrade in Telecommunication in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif.- -  This week many local cities will recognize their police and fire communication systems.

In Lompoc, there's an effort underway to upgrade its dispatch system.

Sgt. Chuck Strange said, "As technology progresses things become more efficient. We've had our current system in place since 2002. The new system will be able to perform different tasks."

Police Captain Donald Deming will make a presentation to Lompoc City Council on Tuesday for the proposal for a new Computer Aided Police and Fire Dispatch/Records Management System/Jail Management System.

City Council would need to approve a resolution for $453,742 from financing proceeds and supplemental amount of $453,742 of capital outlay. This includes maintenanceservices.

According to police reports, the deficiencies of the departments' existing CAD/RMS/JMS system are many. Dispatchers using the CAD system report the three dispatch terminals often lose sync with each other, and can't share information or coordinate resource response. The terminals randomly stop functioning until rebooted, and data entered by  dispatchers will occasionally auto-delete.

On an almost daily basis, 911 calls fail to automatically populate with the associated address, costing time to get an address and other important information from callers.

Dispatchers have been using a program called Cyron since 2002. The new proposed system is from a company called Interact. 

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