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Pasta Maker Brings Fresh Taste of Italy to Public Market

Son Of Italian Chef Brings Handmade Favorites to Santa Barbara

Pasta Maker Brings Fresh Taste of Italy to Public Market

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The new European-style Santa Barbara Public Market has one attraction in particular that has customers and casual passers-by stopping and watching.

Ottavio Gnazzo works at The Pasta Shoppe and makes handmade pasta and the work is done in public.

"I think it's something you don't really see here," he said. "I do make it right in front of you. There is nothing behind doors, it's all in the open."

Gnazzo is the son of an Italian chef. He grew up in New York City and decided to drop out of school and move to Italy where he learned his craft.

It's Gnazzo's skill for making handmade pasta that brought him to Santa Barbara. His boss at The Pasta Shoppe was looking for a display case with bright colors, fun shapes and tons of variety. Gnazzo has provided all of that.

"I always say on paper I'm American, but in my blood and heart I'm Italian," Gnazzo said.

You can find Gnazzo rolling out fresh pasta nearly every day at The Pasta Shoppe inside the Santa Barbara Public Market.

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