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New structures built at Enos Ranch excite Santa Maria residents

Popular restaurants coming to location

Update: Enos Ranch Project Construction

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - As Enos Ranch work continues to move forward more structures are now being built, and more construction at Enos Ranch means more excitement for Santa Maria residents. 

"I'm excited, I am looking forward to it," said Mari Jones. 

"We are seeing the pads being build for Buffalo Wild Wings, Jack in the Box, Urbane Cafe, Xfinity and Chick-fil-a," said Chuen Ng, Director of Community Development in Santa Maria. 

Wooden frames are now up. They are expected to be completed with new restaurants and stores sometime later this year. Just a few months ago the area was a big field of dirt. 

"I think it has been needed for some time," said Jones. 

Santa Maria residents like Jones say they are most excited about the Lowes. It is the first section of the project city officials say will open this summer, followed by the Costco. 

"This is going to be a regional draw and we hope it brings additional restaurants and shopping," said Ng. 

It will help draw people from the Central Coast and beyond to a place some people say they're happy to live only a few miles away from. 

"It should be interesting to have more, different things around town," said Bailey West. 

Her only wish is..."I guess the only thing I wish they would add on is something more for families."

City officials say right now there is no expected date on when it will all be complete. Every tenant with a piece of land will be opening at different times.

"It's always good to expand a little because you want to bring people into your town," said West.  

City leaders say work is being done underground and for storm water piping. Drivers in the area say when it's all said and done they expect to see more traffic. 

"I do like it, I'm not thrilled with the extra traffic but, I'll deal with it," said Jones. 

Across the street, next to the Conserv Fuel, city leaders said a Popeye's Chicken is being built. 

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