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New Lompoc brewery generates dozens of local jobs

Solvang Brewing Co. opens new location

Lompoc business brings economic boost

LOMPOC, Calif. - The Solvang Brewing Company has opened a new location in Lompoc.

Justin Goldenbee has seen the Solvang Brewing Company in Lompoc get built from the ground up. 

Three years ago when construction was underway he was helping to dig trenches and run plumbing. 

Now, he has a different job. 

"It feels so accomplishing that I got this far," he says. He's working as an assistant brewer, a job he describes as rewarding.

The brewery is not only helping to make an economic impact in Lompoc but, also helping to bring dozens of jobs.

"I saw the positive impact it could have on the community was real," says Bill Rodgers, an owner.

Rodgers says the brewery has helped create about 60 jobs, most of the people working in those jobs live in Lompoc. 

"With the brewery opening all of these people got jobs and it's bringing money back to the city," says Goldenbee. 

The building was once a ford dealership and sat abandoned for many years. If you drive along H-street it's hard to miss. 

"It's bringing tourists, people go to Solvang and see we have a Lompoc location and it's bringing people to Lompoc," says Goldenbee. 

The brewery is the only one of its kind in the city. "Lompoc needs it, they need stuff like this," he says.

It's attracting attention from all over the Central Coast. 

"A destination, so we already have some wine destinations and now we are starting a beer destination," says Rodgers.

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