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Mobile Law Center begins practicing across the Central Coast

Stephen Stern built mobile office from old trailer

Mobile Law Center begins practicing...
PISMO BEACH, Calif. - It's one of the few law offices of its kind - instead of four walls, this law office has four wheels. 
At the helm of the Mobile Law Center, attorney Stephen Stern who specializes in consumer law.
"I felt like there was this void cause there's people that were intimidated by lawyers, intimidated by the process, the language and also law offices with all the certificates all over the wall," Stern explains.
This 40 year old Airstream RV was renovated from floor to ceiling and includes a couch, desk, tv, and even a bathroom. Stern says he designed it this way to make his clients feel more comfortable, telling us:"I purposely didn't put the certificates on the wall because I didn't want this to be about me, I wanted it to be about the client.. this is why I'm help people." 
That's what attracted client Jennifer Wilson to the mobile law center. Stern helped her create a trust. 
"I know for me, I'm really uncomfortable in really formal situations, I'm more of an outdoor person and I'm not comfortable in an office situation and I don't know much about the law so I wanted to go somewhere that I'm comfortable with when I needed my trust made and not be in a confined setting," Wilson says. 
Stern drives the Mobile Law Center from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara, stopping at various parking lots in between.
With this vehicle, Stern hopes to bridge the gap of not only accessibility but also affordability. "Going with this concept was the cost of lawyer fees which is also intimidating and why people don't seek help and let things go into a more dire situation so I have flat fees - 45 dollars for each 20 minutes for consulting and if they want me to do the legal work after I give them their options, I give them a flat fee," he explains. 
To find out where the Mobile Law Center will be next, you can check out his website here.

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