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McConnell's gets a scoop of downtown Santa Barbara

New store also famous ice cream and also other freshly made desserts

McConnell's gets a scoop of downtown Santa Barbara

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - McConnell's Fine Ice Cream has scooped up a new location in downtown Santa Barbara.

The new site is at 728 State St. near De La Guerra.

Onwer Michael Palmer and his wife Eva Ein have taken over the legendary ice cream company which dates back over 60 years.

This new store is run by the corporate headquarters and is being described as the ultimate dessert location.

"We do these special cakes, pies,  fresh from the oven backed cookies for our ice cream sandwiches that people are going crazy over," said Palmer. "Everything is made in-house.  Every sauce, every topping, cookie, every pie, every cake is made in-house. And that's really where McConnell's the brand, roots are."

Some of the flavors being scooped into cones and cups at the new site include: Dark Chocolate Paso Brittle, Golden State Vanilla, Salted Caramel Chip, Turkish Coffee and Vanilla Bean.

Palmer says about 80 percent of all the ingredients used by McConnell's come from the local area.

The label also has a reworked look but retains a retro feel.

McConnell's is also providing ice cream for many local restaurants and supplies pints to a variety of grocery stores.

Palmer says he still sees the operation as a "little ice cream" company. He is very excited about the new site to be able to bring the product to the customer, and also retain the production side of the company.

The new store opened last Friday.

A grand opening will be held on September 4th.

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