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Lowe's grand opening could be a concern for local Santa Maria businesses

Lowe-s grand opening could be a...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Unloading materials to stock the brand new shelves, Lowe's employee's put the finishing touches on the their new Santa Maria store on Thursday, as the store opened for the first time. 

"We're all just happy that it's finally here so we can get going serving customers with their projects," says Store Manager, Jason McNutt. 

Dozens of customers could be seen roaming the aisles, some surprised at the quick transformation.

"I remember this area just being all farm land now we're just getting massive buildings all over this area so I think it's pretty cool," new customer Jordan Mangayao tells us.  

But local competitors are waiting for the newness to wear off. This new store will be a competitor of not only a Home Depot across the street, but of mom and pop stores as well.

 "It makes me nervous from the standpoint that it's the new guy in town and people are gonna go check out the new guy in town - it's happened - I've been here for 30 years," explains Oak Knolls Hardware Store Owner, Jeff Geyer. 

Geyer is now prepared to weather another storm. 

"When Home Depot came to town, it affected me for about six months and from then it was back to normal. So yes I'm concerned for the short term, but for the long term I'm not concerned," he says. 

Geyer argues his service is like none other and that's what will continue to keep customers coming back to his Orcutt store.  

"Here you have one or two employees, they're extremely knowledgeable about what comes in and out of their store and sometimes with those larger stores, there's so many employees, they're helping so many different customers there's so much to look at, I tend to get overwhelmed," says customer Carla Miranda. 

With the holiday season right around the corner, it's likely this competition will heat up even more. 

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