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Job Seekers Find Openings in Meeting with Employers

Some positions are available immediately, some in summer

Job seekers find many openings and help at job fair

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - There are job openings in the Santa Barbara area, and many businesses have been looking for workers to fill open spots.  They came together for the Santa Barbara County Workforce Investment Board job fair today.

Over 150 people attended.

"There's a lot of people and it is competitive out there but I am strong and confident in what I do and I am a good worker," said Royanna Dishmon who is job hunting.

Over 30 employers, ranging from banks to hotels, were at the job fair and all had openings.

For those looking for work, it was a fast track compared to other ways to find work.

"There's more one on one,  because a lot of the managers are here  and when you go place to place the managers are not there or the associates won't let you speak to the managers. It's a better opportunity in a one on one experience," said Dishmon.

"Most of them have shown up for the event dressed up,  with a resume. We have a job search workshop that we put together for them  because  sometimes  you do get people who do not know how to interact with employers but most of the people here are ready and are presentable," said Luis Servin with the Workforce Investment Board.

Those looking to get into the work force, but possibly they haven't been job hunting in years, or were recently laid off,  there's help for them too.

"Some people are not prepared necessarily to go out on their own so if we give them the resume building skills, building their resume,  creating it,  giving them interview clothes and them we contact our employer contacts and put people to work right away," said Theresa Miller with Goodwill Industries.

In the next two months there will also be job fairs in Santa Maria, Lompoc and at local colleges.

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