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Halloween costumes appear to be more hand picked creations

Isla Vista shop sees many colorful combinations

Packaged costumes and accessories are in big demand this weekend at Sweet Jane in Isla Vista. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Longtime costume retailer Stella Termin sees a lot of creativity this Halloween season.

She owns Sweet Jane at 6529 Trigo Road Isla Vista, a small store that's packed with costumes and accessories showcased several feet up the walls.

Hundreds of customers are pouring in this weekend.  A security worker is at the door to control the flow and expedite sales.

Termin says she has packaged costumes as always but there are also many other choices.  The store can be a mix and match stop or just for "one more" item to complete a costume.

She often hears conversations with questions and excitement. "And 'how do I look  and this looks like this and should I put this with this and that with that?' " said Termin. "They ask their friends. We have a lot of fun!" 

Creativity runs high here, in a largely college student town of about 15,000 next to UC Santa Barbara.

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