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Grocery Outlet Bargain Market opens at site of former Ralph's

De La Vina Market boasts big savings

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - People love a bargain, especially when it comes packaged with 40% to 70% savings off regular priced items, which is the big selling feature at the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Santa Barbara.

Thursday's ribbon cutting ceremony and soft opening at 2840 De La Vina Street drew in hundreds of shoppers vying for a parking spot in the packed lot at the site of the former Ralph's and created 35 jobs.

The Emeryville-based company boasts big savings on brand name products at more than 270 locations in six states, including California and Nevada.

NewsChannel 3 found loaves of bread priced at $1.59 apiece and a pound of bananas at 49 cents. One shopper was thrilled to find a European brand of butter that normally sells for about $7 dollars priced at the Grocery Outlet for less than 80 cents.

Shoppers told NewsChannel 3 they were excited to find their go-to items at a fraction of the normal cost.

"For one, the avocados," Debbie Metcalf said. "That was a really good deal, only $1 dollar and 99 cents for a whole little bag of 'em," the Goleta resident said. 

The bag contained six small avocados. Most locals know that avocados can sell at other grocery stores for up to $3 for just one of them. 

The Grocery Outlet Bargain Market was also stocked with home goods including bath towels ($3.99 apiece) and shower curtains in one aisle as well as specialty organic and gluten-free items in another. 

"We don't sell anything in the stores that's expired," said co-owner Brandon Brewer. "We don't sell any inferior quality products. It's all brand name items that have quality guarantee on them and we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and it's all great quality products."

However, in some cases, the marked expiration dates were a month away. Brewer also said if you see something you like, buy it; many items are a one-time deal. 

The Community Grand Opening happens Saturday.

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