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Graduates Take Part in Early-Morning Pub Crawl

Graduates Take Part in Early-Morning Pub Crawl

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- - It's a growing tradition for Cal Poly graduating seniors. Before the 9 am. commencement ceremony, some Cal Poly students and their families go out in Down Town San Luis Obispo  for  a very early-morning pub crawl.

Hours before lining up to accept their diplomas, Cal Poly students lined up for something else.

"It's something you talk about for a long time. The 6 a.m. bar crawl," graduating student Lauren Lambertson said.

She and her parents were among many out in downtown SLO for what is becoming an annual commencement day tradition.

The unofficial tradition has been around for more than a decade, but some former Cal Poly graduates say it was never nearly as big.

A 1988 graduate said, "Many of the bars have changed. It's a lot different."

Just one month ago Cal Poly  and city leaders wanted to put an end  to the pub crawl .

Businesses downtown didn't agree to opening at a later time, but instead they joined with Cal Poly officials to raise awareness for safer drinking.

Lauren Lambertson said, "I know there has been publicity about how it should maybe not happen, but it's a good thing, it's a positive thing. There is enough time where you can get one drink  and celebrate with your  family and friends."

By Sunday morning they had made six arrests: five ‘drunk in public' arrests and one arrest for the possession of methamphetamine. 

SLO police said the number arrests were not  greater than on other weekends.

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