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Carpinteria Bookstore Changes Locations to Stay in Business

Will Partner with Carpinteria Toy Company

Carpinteria Bookstore Changes Locations to Stay in Business

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - It's an all too familiar story line- a local business struggling to stay afloat during these tough economic times. One Carpinteria bookstore had to get creative just to keep its doors open.

As several loyal customers made their last minute purchases at the Curious Cup Bookstore in Carpinteria, employees and volunteers were busy boxing up inventory and preparing to move the store from its Linden Avenue location to its new home, four blocks down the road.

Curious Cup owner Kiona Gross reflected on her decision to move the store to keep it in business. The excitement comes from knowing that we will stay in business. The sad part is leaving a space that we worked so hard to create, that the community has come to love."

With her lease expiring in November and her rent increasing, Gross made the best decision she could to keep the store in business: she partnered with friend Sarah Hinton, owner of the Carpinteria Toy Company. The two businesses will share space and expenses while hopefully sharing customers and increasing revenue.

"We draw the same customers, so were hoping to offer a place for one-stop shopping," Sarah Hinton said.

The unique set up between the two business could prove to be beneficial to both parties, but it was a tough decision for Gross to move the store from its prime Lindon Avenue location.

"Like they say in small  business, location is everything. We would get people coming into the store just because it was on Lindon Avenue"

Since opening the business in January 2011, Gross has built a loyal following in the community. Her hope is that she will be able to recreate the cozy feel of the store at the new location..

Customer Beth Bailey said "This is a great little bookstore. We love the space, and the owner is usually around to help us if we need it."

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