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Avocado production shortage leads to increased prices for consumers

Avocado prices soaring in California

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Avocado prices are soaring in California. A production shortfall in the state is sending production down and prices up.

Some experts say it's caused by a wet winter followed by a severely hot summer. It becomes a bad combination for California avocado farmers.

California farmers expect to harvest 215 million pounds of avocados this year--that's down from 401 million pounds harvested in 2016. 

The average price of an avocado nationally was $1.25 on the second week of August 2017. That's up from .94 cents per avocado in May 2016.  Some retailers think avocados may cost $2.00 each by the end of summer.

Over at Tri-County Produce in Santa Barbara avocado's are $1.99 each. Store owner John Dixon said, "Avocado prices are ridiculously high right now. Some of the highest we have seen in years."

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