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Avila Beach is cracking down on giving away unexpired parking passes

Avila Beach is cracking down on...

AVILA BEACH, Calif. - Avila Beach is cracking down on giving away your unexpired parking pass--also known as "parking pass transferring."

The Port San Luis Harbor District says when people are finished with their day at the beach, they often give their unexpired $6 day pass away to someone who's just arriving to the main parking lot, so that the person just arriving can skip out on the parking lot fee. 

"I just got a free parking pass," Avila Beach visitor Tina Jaros said. 

We were there when a man gave Tina Jaros his unexpired parking pass at the Avila Beach Public Parking Lot. 

"I just saw them leaving and I was like hey are you guys taking off and they were like yea and I was like can I get your ticket," Jaros said. 

The Harbor District is close to rolling out a new plan that will require people to enter their license plate number when purchasing a ticket - which will be printed on the parking pass - and display that ticket on your dashboard. 

Parking will remain at $6 and the 6 am to 10 pm hours aren't changing either. 

Officials say the "pass transferring" problem has gotten worse and a plan like this is needed. 

Avila Beach takes in over $400,000 a year from daily parking pass sales which go towards everything from parking lot repairs, pier repairs, lifeguard wages, harbor patrol and other infrastructure maintenance.   

"I think it isn't fair, everybody has to pay," Avila Beach visitor Felipe Huerpa said. 

"You know you're sort of sharing, some people could think they're sharing but I just see it as if I'm going to park and I got to pay, I'm going to pay and help out the city with whatever they're using the money for," Avila Beach visitor Brian Keliher said. 

The Harbor District says sharing unexpired parking passes has always been illegal--it even says it's against the rules on the parking pass. 

The new license plate parking pass system is expected to begin in about three weeks. 

The Harbor District wants to remind people to take note of their license plate number before getting to the machine to avoid the annoyance of having to walk back to your car to jot down your license plate number. 

The Harbor District says they plan to do their best to notify people of the change on social media and signs that will be posted around the parking lot. 

KCOY 12's Sean Larsen will have a full report tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 on Central Coast News. Check back later for additional content and information.

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