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Another new hotel coming to Pismo Beach waterfront

Vespera On Ocean expected to open in 2019

Another new waterfront hotel coming to Pismo Beach

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Pismo Beach is getting another new hotel on its popular waterfront with the 128-room Vespera On Ocean expected to open in 2019.

Work has begun on the foundation and underground garage for the new hotel that will be connected to the city's boardwalk.

The developer of Vespera On Ocean promises a unique waterfront experience for hotel guests and a welcome mat to the public to come in and enjoy the dramatic ocean views.

Vespera On Ocean is the second new hotel on the Pismo waterfront after the opening of The Inn at the Pier next door last year.

"That's progress I guess, it just happens, it's just a sign of the times", said a local resident about all the new waterfront development.

Parking for waterfront visitors and businesses has long been an issue in Pismo Beach.

"It's a huge issue", another woman said, "there's never enough parking on weekends let alone during the summer."

"Because all of the guests that come from Bakersfield and the Central Valley don't have anywhere to park, so a lot of times it deters them from coming in the first place", said Jennene Chambers with the Cool Cat Cafe.

The City of Pismo Beach is working on solutions to the parking issue but adds both new waterfront hotels, The Inn at the Pier and Vespera On Ocean, have adequate on-site parking to accommodate guests and visitors.

"I think in the long run its going to be great for Pismo for the businesses here", said Cat Wexler owner of Ashtie's Beach Shack, "its just that we've got to figure out the parking issues. They really need to work more on getting a downtown parking lot, where are they going to put all these people for parking?"

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