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Amazon reportedly acquires Santa Barbara-based company in multi-million dollar deal

Graphiq launched in 2009. Headquarters

SUMMERLAND, Calif. - Amazon has reportedly acquired Graphiq, a Santa Barbara-based data analysis and search engine company whose headquarters are in Summerland.

Multiple media outlets are reporting on Amazon's latest acquisition with the Los Angeles Times saying that at least one source familiar with the matter estimates the deal's value to be worth $50 million.

What this means for local jobs, the local economy, and the future of the company is up to anyone's guess at this point. We've reached out to Amazon for comment but received the following response from an Amazon spokeswoman named Rachel Hass, "As a matter of company policy we don’t comment on rumors or speculation."

An "805" number listed for Graphiq led us to a recorded message instructing us to submit any inquiries on their "Contact Us" page, which is now a broken link with the words "Sorry, we can't find the page you requested" sprawled across the top of the page.

According to the Los Angeles Times article, Amazon may be looking to spruce up its "Alexa' virtual assistant and other services and Graphiq may very well play an integral part in that process.

Graphiq launched in May 2009. It offers users the ability to search for virtually any piece of data or information and present it in several clear, visual graphs they call Visualizations. 

"There are more than 10 billion visualizations in our library, from President Trump's approval rating to Apple's stock performance over time, and thousands get added every day," Graphiq's website states.

We will continue to reach out to both companies and will update this story accordingly.

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