Missing Lompoc teen found alive and healthy

Krystal Jongsma last seen Tuesday afternoon

Lompoc teen found safe following overnight search


16-year-old Krystal Jongsma has been found, according to the Lompoc Police Department. She was found in Vandenberg Village and is healthy.

Pamela Barnett and other volunteer were all smiles when they heard she was safe.

"The police came out and pat the dad on the back and gave him a hug and everybody was jumping for joy and they turned around and said they found her," said Barnett.

Sgt. Kevin Martin of the Lompoc Police Department said she was reunited with her stepdad at the police department in private.

He said a community members called and let us know she was close by.

She will be asking her questions about what happened.

"Obviously we are concerned what ever caused this young lady to feel like she needed to take off and leave, we want to make sure she gets the help that she needs and we can help her work out whatever those issues are," said Sgt. Martin.



16-year-old Krystal Jongsma was known by her stepdad for her predictability.

"She's a good girl, she's like clock work. She always goes to school at the same time, comes home spends time with the family, does her homework and you can almost set your clock to how her schedule is," stepdad Michael Lewis says. 

That's why it was extremely worrisome Tuesday afternoon when Krystal wasn't at school when her grandpa came to pick her up.

"He came to pick her up at the same time like he always does and she didn't come out to the car.. So we figured something was going on.. maybe she was staying late after school or something and then when [her grandpa] went in. He found she had never been in to any of her classes since the morning when he dropped her off," Lewis explains. 

He then called the Lompoc Police Department.
A search party went out Tuesday night to look for her and went non-stop into the early morning. 

"Some of us stayed looking till about six and now we're back out here," says Lindsay Lindskog, Search Party Coordinator. 

Wednesday afternoon a Sheriff's helicopter searched the trails behind Cabrillo High School after a drone found something they thought might be of interest. 

Some people on social media have raised questions about whether Jongsma disappeared because she may still be mourning the death of her mom who passed away from breast cancer. 

The one year anniversary of her death was just last week.

"That could set off anybody especially a child. It is towards the year anniversary [and] that is a concern but there's so many different variables that we just don't know which direction it is.. I think that's why we have such a big response," Lindskog says. 

Regardless of what her reasoning is for disappearing, Krystal's stepdad hopes she just returns home, telling us: "We don't care about anything that's going on, we just want my daughter back." 

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