In 2004, "National Dog Day" was created to bring attention to the large numbers of animals up for adoption in local shelters. 

This year to mark the event, NewsChannel 3 asked viewers to submit photos of their favorite furry friend.  We got more than 150 of them!  Many were shown on NewsChannel 3 Monday morning.  The video attached to this story shows those pets. 

Time constraints prevented all of the dogs from being shown on television, so we created a slide show to celebrate all of our favorite pets. 


Slideshow: KEYT NewsChannel 3 Celebrates National Dog Day

POSTED: 11:24 AM PDT Aug 26, 2013    UPDATED: 12:18 PM PDT Aug 26, 2013 

Monday is National Dog Day, started in 2004 to bring attention to pets awaiting adoption in local animal shelters.  To mark the occasion, KEYT NewsChannel 3 asked viewers to send in photos of their favorite family pet.  More than 150 of you responded!

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