Mammoth Mountain Pond Skim Entertains Large Crowd

Mammoth Pond Skim

MAMMOTH LAKES, Calif. - Mammoth Mountain offered more than just great skiing this past weekend. On Sunday, the resort put on its annual pond skim.  Hundreds came out to watch the craziest skiers and snowboarders skim across an ice cold 110-foot pond.  Many of the riders were dressed in costume.  While some made it across, others didn't taking a dip in the icy cold water.

The youngest competitor of the group 7-year old TJ wowed the crowd when he flawlessly boarded across the pond.

"It was fun but hard at the same time," said TJ.

Those that didn't make it across said the water was freezing.  While the water may have been cold they all emerged back to the surface with smiles on their faces.

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