MAD Academy students build homes for families in Mexico

MAD Academy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Students from the Multimedia Arts and Design (MAD) Academy at Santa Barbara High School recently returned from a trip to Mexico where they built homes for a families in need. 

More than 100 students and parents traveled from Santa Barbara to Via Redondo to build 7 homes for 7 families from the ground up in three days. 

"It's insane to see how people live down there. The fact that they are living in these tiny tarped sheds is surreal to see and it feels really good to help," said student Matty Pierce.

The MAD Academy combines academics with media arts. 

"It's great to be able to put kids in a position of making a difference in the world and giving them the tools that they can be empowered and make a positive impact on the world," said Director Dan Williams. 

For senior Carolina Capua, the trip was very personal. Capua and her family lost their home in the mudslides. She was determined to make the trip, despite her own personal loss. 

"Someone is going to build us a home. We need to build a home for someone else," she said. 

The students felt a deep sense of pride once they handed the keys over to the families. 

"The family had a handicapped son, so it meant everything to them," said student Victoria Gutierrez. 

The MAD academy has built more than 100 homes in Mexico in a little more than a decade. 

The school is only partially funded by the public education system. It relies on fundraising and public donations to remain operable. 

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