Los Olivos Couple Told To Move or Retrofit

SB Board of Supervisors Vote to Strip House's Grandfather Title

LOS OLIVOS, Calif. -

A Los Olivos couple is told they can't live in their home after the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to strip the home of its "legal non-conforming" status.

The couple says it began after a property dispute with a neighbor ten years ago.

They believe the neighbor vindictively reported the couple was illegally living in the home, which is a secondary house in the property.

According to the couple, the home, built in the 1880's was grandfathered in and was therefore exempt from today's codes and regulations.

A board meeting last week ultimately decided the home must now conform to any regulations.

Now the couple has three years to either move out or bring the building up to code, and they're afraid that may mean demolishing or abandoning the home completely.

News Channel 3 attempted to reach the Grove's neighbor.

The neighbors said they were not ready to comment on record.

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