Los Olivos businesses to host fundraiser for fire and mudslide victims

Several stores offering 20% of sales to help

Los Olivos Mudslide Help

LOS OLIVOS, Calif. - Commuters aren't the only ones being affected by the highway closures, Los Olivos businesses that rely on visitors from Southern California are impacted as well.

Michelle Castle owns Honey Paper in Los Olivos. She hand makes maps and invitations for weddings and events.

Castle says the devastation down south has been especially tough on sales, as many customers now have trouble getting up here.

"It definitely makes you really nervous. It's made us re-think our business model even to a point because they don't know how long it's gonna be and it makes you realize how much you rely on that traffic," Castle said. 

Castle's not alone however, other businesses in Los Olivos have felt the struggle as well.

"Honestly through the whole month of December. I know we're not the only ones.. I've walked into empty tasting rooms," said Tasting Room Associate for Stolpman Vineyards, Natalie McCoy. 

"A big portion of our business is having those people flowing through Montecito and Santa Barbara coming to the wine country up here so it's been a significant impact on business here in the valley," said Owner of Los Olivos Lemons, Grant Sanregret. 

Despite this, they're all a part of the more than 20 businesses coming together this Saturday to help raise money for victims of the fire and mudslide. 

Some businesses are giving twenty percent of their sales for the day, others are giving up all of their tips.

"You want to feel appreciative of what you have even though we need the business our hearts are so full with distraught of what's happening that we want to give back," Castle said. 

"It's important to us that everyone in the community knows and understands that we're here to support them," said Sanregret. 

"It's a great way to make it a community driven event, to get everybody out and supporting shop small but also really the whole goal behind it is to give back," McCoy explained. 

For a list of participating businesses, click here

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