Lompoc woman warning pet owners after coyote attacks kitten

Kitten expected to recover

Lompoc woman warning pet owners after coyote attacks kitten

LOMPOC, Calif. - Sathya Fennell says she was shocked when she heard a loud commotion outside her Mission Hills home.

"My dogs were going crazy and he was out there so I just thought *gasp* Jose," she explained. 

Her newly rescued kitten Jose had darted outside in the middle of the night, only to come in contact with a coyote.

"I just started yelling at the coyote and it scared the coyote and it went all the way across the street and up into the hills," Fennell said. 

Once the coyote left, Fennell assumed the worst. "It was pretty scary. I thought Jose was dead. He was laying there making a horrible noise." 

Hearing of a coyote sighting was no surprise to neighbor Gail Clark-Savage. She's lived in Mission Hills for more than 20 years. 

"It usually happens at dusk and after; that's why we keep our dogs in at night," Clark-Savage said. 

Fennell hopes other pet owners realize this could happen to them. "With the fires and the drought, they're coming down and they're bold.. they're not afraid," she said. 

Sathya's cat Jose still has some spinal injuries and cuts on his tongue but he's expected to fully recover. Jose was brought back from the hospital Monday. 

Coyote mating season goes from December to Mid-March so it's likely coyote sightings like these will continue. 

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