Sunday's earthquake destroyed a signification amount of wine in Napa. Millions of dollars have gone down the drain and now wineries are looking into purchasing earthquake insurance.

The 6.0 magnitude earthquake was the strongest to shake Northern California in over 20 years. This type of jolt shook up some wineries up and down the coast.

"Seeing those pictures and realizing how much wine they had lost, how much money and how much clean up is pretty shocking," said Suzanne Fitgerald, tasting room manager at Santa Barbara Winery.

Both Santa Barbara Winery and Foxen Winery out of Los Olivos are insured, but not from an earthquake. The majority of wineries up and down the coast aren't due to the high cost. After seeing the massive spill in the heart of wine county, Foxen Winery is looking to add earthquake insurance as soon as possible. Other wineries believe that's just the chance you take living in California.

"If an earthquake would of hit us on Sunday we would have been OK because all of our barrels are actually empty so we wouldn't have lost any inventory except for barrels are barrels are really expensive to replace. As far as wine we would of been alright because we are just starting harvest right now so we are starting to fill up all of our barrels," said Fitgerald.