Local sanitation worker morphs into hero during creek rescue

Marborg worker pulls man trapped in...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A Marborg employee is being called a hero after saving a man's life while on duty.

It happened on Jan. 20 during a torrential rain storm. Juan Soto-Hernandez was driving along his normal route on San Marcos Road.

The sanitation worker reached a flooded creek crossing. Fearing for his safety, he decided to pull over. Soto-Hernandez said another car tried to cross and was quickly swept into the creek.

"I saw the water took the car away," Soto-Fernandez said. "I thought first thing, it could be a family."

Soto-Hernandez said the car finally came to a stop after being carried down the creek and tossed about. The man inside managed to roll down the window to yell for help.

Soto-Hernandez went down into the creek to get him. "He was heaver than me, but I lifted him up and took him out," said Soto-Hernandez.

The man, who Soto-Hernandez believes was in his 30's, was shaken up but OK. The man's wife called Marborg managers to let them know what Soto-Fernandez had done.

Managers said Soto-Fernandez exemplifies what the company stands for: family values and integrity. Soto-Hernandez said it's a day he won't ever forget. "It was my birthday, and I saved a life and for me it's pride," Soto-Fernandez said.

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