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Murillo back at work as she plans for Santa Barbara's future as mayor

Swearing in set for January 9, 2018

Cathy Murillo will be Santa Barbara's first Latina mayor on January 9, 2018. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara's mayor-elect Cathy Murillo is already finding a balance between her election night success and her work ahead as the city's first Latina mayor.

When  it comes to difficult times or differences of opinions, Murillo says "we get through that, that's politics."

Just a few hours after the bulk of the vote had been tallied, the reality of the changes ahead are settling in.

"I've said  all along I will be the mayor for everyone.  I know who didn't support me, but I am having meetings with them this week, and next week. It’s called turning the page and starting a new," said Murillo.

There was a five person race, and Murillo had 28 percent of the vote Tuesday night.   It's estimated about 22,000 voters have cast ballots.  Final numbers are still being calculated.  An update on results is expected Friday afternoon.  

A preliminary analysis shows Murillo was bringing in good numbers throughout all city precincts.  She was particularly strong in the downtown residential core voter turnout.   In past elections, winning candidates have pulled in their strongest numbers in San Roque and the Riviera population.

Murillo is a westside Santa Barbara resident. She says "as Mayor I represent all the districts.  Now that we are in the district system it is up to me to set the tone of fairness and objectivity."

Wednesday afternoon Murillo was already been back on the job,  not only as a council member,  but on many committees including one dealing with housing issues.

When it comes to some of the downtown homeless and business issues she tells us, "I don't have tolerance for criminal behavior or disturbing the peace. People can not urinate on city property or disturb children and families. That's why our police officers are trained to be law enforcement and social workers,"  said Murillo.

The new mayor gets sworn in on January 9th, 2018.  In this case,  that will open up Murillo's council seat.    The city council can appoint someone or there could be a special election.

“This will be a question for our city attorney.  It will be a decision for the city council.  I know people that would be interested in that.  It's a two year appointment," said Murillo.

For more information on the election go to :  http://www.keyt.com/local-election


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