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2017 Santa Barbara Mayor Candidate profiles

As NewsChannel 3 prepares for our 2017 Santa Barbara Mayoral Forum, many voters are hoping to learn more about each candidate.

Tune into NewsChannel 3 and NewsNow at 7 p.m. and follow along on social media with the hashtag, #SBMayorForum.

Beth Farnsworth profiled the candidates to learn about their histories, values and agendas. Each candidate profile is listed below:


Hal Conklin

- "I am the only person running for Mayor that has ever sat in the Mayor’s seat, so I know how difficult this job can be and how different it is from being a City Council Member."


Frank Hotchkiss

- "Everywhere in the U. S., and perhaps the world, when you tell people you are from Santa Barbara, they nod appreciatively. We have a brand unequaled by any other small city in America."


Angel Martinez

- "We are at a moment in time when vision and leadership are essential for us to create the city that, by all rights, should be the best small city in America."


Cathy Murillo

- "The Mayor is the only elected position that represents the whole city and I am committed to providing strong and inclusive leadership that will bring all sides to the table."


Bendy White

- "I have a record of working with my fellow colleagues to move forward important policy."

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