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Water back on in Mission Hills

Water on; road closed

Water Main Break in Mission Hills

MISSION HILLS, Calif. - The water is back on for the Mission Hills community just outside of Lompoc. A water main broke just after two o'clock in the afternoon Wednesday on Burton Mesa Road, right in front of the Community Services District office.

Crews responded immediately and shut the water off for the more than 3,000 residents in the area.

The water was only shut off for about 45 minutes, but serious damage had already been done to the roadway. "As the water went down the hill, the pavement was raised about 4 inches. As soon as we shut the water off the pavement went down. But it does crack it. It will have to be repaired," said Michael Riley, general manager of the Community Services District.

Officials expect to have Burton Mesa Road reopened in a couple of weeks. Riley said the pipe was very old and that is why it failed.


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