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Warm weather

Warm weather brings out business in Santa Barbara

Warm weather brings out business

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - This weekend's warm weather is heating up beachfront business so say restaurant managers along the shore.

Just yet it's not known if the sunny day will break records but its definitely drawing crowds to the beachfront and business owners say that's good news, especially during the wintertime.

With today's temperatures hitting the eighties Santa Barbara seemed to welcome travelers in search of paradise.  Southlanders, who by virtue of their due south locale, enjoy endless warm weather came in couples to enjoy the beauty and warmth of paradise. That also rang true for inland folks who trekked in from Bakersfield to enjoy the beauty of Santa Barbara while the unseasonably warm weather lasts.

The day brought sun soakers to the shoreline without a doubt but the warm rays aren't expected to last and it appears the sun soakers already know the forecast.

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