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Volkswagen Owners Speak Out About Diesel Emissions Scandal

Widespread impacts being felt from the sales lots to the driver's seat

Volkswagon and Audi owners sound off

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The emissions scandal plaguing Volkswagon over its TDI diesel cars is being felt from the dealerships to the driver's seats.  

Owners of diesel cars made from 2009 to the present have learned the required emission and smog tests were falsified by a device to give an approved reading, when in fact it was not the accurate result.

It's believed that 50,000 of these cars are in California.

A lawsuit has been filed from the Santa Barbara based firm Cappello & Noël LLP, on behalf of six Volkswagon diesel owners who say they will have a decreased  vehicle value and resale opportunities by this newly discovered flaw.    It also notes decreased engine efficiency.n line car sites featuring used VW's in the area have few TDI cars for sale.  Most are VW's with  gasoline engines, not diesel.

Sue Nistch has a new VW Golf TDI and it has less that 2000 miles on it. She says the emissions scandal is very disappointing to hear and worries that her car has already lost value.   She previously owned three other Volkswagons and was given a customer loyalty discount with the new purchase.  

An Audi TDI driver Susanna Karan said she was very interested in driving a clean burning car, and now knows the emissions are not in compliance.  She says the environmental benefits are more important than the value and wants the engine fixed.       

Information on what ultimately VW will do about the issue has not been released at this time.

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