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Victim's Uncle Says Culture to Blame in Shooting

Victim's Uncle Says Culture to Blame

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Five days after the Isla Vista shooting, experts are coming out with social and political causes for the shooting--anything from lack of gun control to mental illness.

But the uncle of one victim says its today's culture of masculine supremacy and women-objectification, which an associate professor of anthropology at Cal Poly agrees with.

Dr. Dawn Neill says women are fighting for gender equality while self-entitled men are trying to stifle them.

She says some men resort to violence.

Dr. Neill points out that all gunmen in recent shootings are males and most victims are women, and she sees a growing number of men, like Elliot Rodger, think women are sexual objects to win.

She suggests the first step to changing our culture is to recognize objectification of women when it is happening and know it is wrong.

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