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Victim of Santa Maria Groper Speaks Out

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A serial groper is still on the loose in Santa Maria. The man is suspected of groping nearly 10 women. Today, one of his victim's speaks out.

Sara Macdonald says she was walking near Miller and Park streets one night when one of the attacks happened. But get this, it happened to her before. It was the second time that she had been attacked. That second attack is what prompted Macdonald to make a call to police and report the incident.

Santa Maria Police say there is likely one man responsible for the groping incidents that have been reported. The most recent attack happened this Wednesday with a woman who was walking on the Santa Maria Levee Trail.

Police have described the man as a hispanic male in his early to mid 20s, attacking while riding his bike. Macdonald's account matches up.

"I was walking down Stowell Road and all of a sudden this guy on his bike was riding on the sidewalk, came behind me and gave me a swat on the behind. That kind of rattled my cage to say the least," says Macdonald.

Police won't give an exact number of victims, but they say there have been over 10 groping incidents at the Levee Trail just this month. If you have any information on these attacks, give the Santa Maria Police Department a call.

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